Days of unfair student mobile bills are finally over

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RightCall is suitable for students as they are aware of the price they pay for everyday calls. The app brings transparency to every mobile phone call, helps to save them up to 80% that no one else in the market does.

  • Cheap premium number calls

    RightCall is here to lower your call charge for every premium number (084, 087, 09, 118) by up to 80% and give you the best value for your phone bills.

  • Big savings on out-of-bundle calls

    RightCall is tailor made for pay monthly customers if you are on restrictive bundles. Once finished with your minutes now you can use RightCall and save up to 80% on your calling charge.

  • Compare the rates before you call

    With RightCall Rate Finder you know how much you are saving for each call. Here you can see how much your call is going to cost with us compared to your mobile operator or landline provider.

How does RightCall work?

RightCall is an app designed to save your call cost. Simple, smart and practical – this will revolutionise the way you call.

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More features for more savings

Refer-a-Friend and earn credit to call

Refer a friend to RightCall and get a free credit. When your referred friend top up his RightCall account for the first time, RightCall will credit your account with the same amount.

Works without Internet connection

RightCall doesn't need Internet to work. So without spending a fortune on mobile data, you can make calls on the go, with or without a web connection.

Make cheap calls to TV shows

With RightCall save up to 80% when you vote for your favourite TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing. Save money and help your candidate to win. It’s definitely a win-win for you.

Call receiver can see your number

Because RightCall has the number display facility, your call receiver knows exactly who is calling. With RightCall you will not be anonymous anymore.

Make calls with zero balance on your SIM

Use RightCall and keep your SIM. As a pay as you go customer you can even call with zero balance in your SIM. Just make sure you have credit in your RightCall account.

24/7 customer service

You may run out of credit just before an urgent call. Not a problem. Just ask for an emergency credit from our customer service team. They they will to top it up immediately.

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